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Animanga Icon Tutorial List

Number of tutorials included: 100

Medium: Anime, Manga, Western animation.

Intended for use with: PSP, the GIMP, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS series [in the case of the ones which make use of the 'Selective Color' feature].

Disclaimer: None of the tutorials listed here belong to me and I claim no ownership over them. They are the property of their respective makers and I am merely gathering them in one place, for easy access.

All the present material is public. No tutorials which were placed under a friends-lock or which consisted solely of a .PSD file have been included in this list [mostly due to the list-maker frowning upon such methods of artificially boosting membership].

If any icon-maker whose tutorials are included in this list wishes to have them taken off, please contact me and I will endeavor to do so. Conversely, if any links are broken or assigned to the wrong tutorial, please point them out so I can make the necessary changes.